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Mark Martin and his legal team have been delivering exceptional service to clients around the Globe, surpassing their expectations.
Endorsed by the American Embassy in Brazil
High Complexity Matters have been entrusted to Mark Martin and his team because they have a deep and vast International Legal Experience.
We Defend Our Clients
Over 500 clients from the USA, Brazil, Europe and Asia have attested that Mark Martin´s Law Firm has the knowledge and practical experience in International, Civil and Contract Law.


Dedicated lawyer, with over 14 years of experience in complex matters of International Law. Mark Martin entered a top law school in Brazil with the highest score on the law school entrance exam in the school’s history. Mark served as the President of the International Law Commission for the Bar Association of Minas Gerais from 2019 to 2021, is very active in the Courts, the Media, and Schools, and has received national and international recognition for his expertise in the field of International Law.

Family Law

International Divorce, International Division of Property, Child Custody, Child Abduction, Visitations, Alimony, Prenuptial Agreements, International Probate…


International Contracts, Business Contracts, Purchase and Sale, Service Contracts, Negotiations, Confidentiality Agreements, Memorandum of Understa…


International Law Suits, Arbitration, International Disputes, Business Law Procedures in Courts, Civil Litigation, Federal Court Disputes, Local Court…


I was introduced to Mark Martin and was extremely satisfied with his professional approach and guidance to resolve my queries in such a short period of time. I have been living and working overseas for a very long time and needed a good attorney.
Martin & Oliveira offered such a great service. Mark was not only very professional, but sometimes, he worked very closed to us as a friend. We appreciate his dedication from him. As a family, we do recommend Martin & Oliveira Law Firm.
I thank God that I was able to find them. I have no complains. Extremely professional and really takes your case and does the best, I was helped with my case under the Hague convention for child abduction by my ex and was able to bring my children back to their home in the USA.
I am very grateful to Dr. Mark Martin for the speedy resolution of an issue that had been dragging on for nearly 20 years. In less than 3 months, Dr Mark solved the problem, bringing great relief and great satisfaction to the family members who hired him for the case. I emphasize the commitment, dedication and reliability of Dr Mark and his team. I recommend it to all those who need legal services in the area in question.
Cris Guerra
I highly recommend Dr. Mark and his team at Martin & Oliveira Law Firm in Belo Horizonte. From the first contact to the end of the process, they rendered excellent professionalism. It couldn't have been better, with him I corrected the date of my American divorce in Brazil. Thus legalizing my life, throughout the process Dr. Mark was always available for any question and always answering my emails, a lot. Thanks again, and all the best!
Rafael Barriola
There are no words to describe the professionalism of the lawyers at the Martin & Oliveira office. I had real struggles but I felt supported all the time by them. They are lawyers of great honor and confidence. Thank you so much! We won a great battle of international law, thanks to impeccable work. My son and I are at the beginning of a new life and very happy. Gratitude for everything!
Renata Barleben
I am very grateful to Dr. Mark Martin and his team at Martin & Oliveira Law Firm in Belo Horizonte, who provided me with a high quality and highly professional service to rectify my Brazilian marriage certificate. Dr. Mark Martin was always attentive and willing to assist me even though I was here in Canada.
Gracielle Graça
My experience with Mark Martin was very positive. Professionalism, attention and frequent communication throughout the process. I recommend 100%.
Natalia Silva Harwood
Excellent professionals, I had great service, quality service, with great knowledge. I recommend it to friends.
Flávio De Souza Morgado
Competence, punctuality, seriousness, honesty, consideration for the client – ​​that's how my case was handled by Martin & Oliveira Sociedade de Advogados. I definitely recommend it.
Livia Amaral
Our experience with Dr. Martin was excellent. We appreciated his excellent service and his attention to detail.
Aline Kelly
I greatly admire the services provided by Martin & Oliveira Lawyers. They are lawyers really committed to justice. I do recommend.
Cleusa Matos
It was a pleasure to be assisted by the lawyers of Martin & Oliveira. I was successful in my cause, and I was very well supported by them. I certainly do recommend.
Caroline Figueiredo
The services provided by Martin & Oliveira lawyers are characterized by efficiency, transparency and commitment to the client. Congratulations on the excellent work!
David J. Vieira
I want to personally thank Dr. Mark Martin for the service rendered in the ratification of my foreign judgment. His dedication, clarification of the subject and knowledge of the facts, surprised me. After several researches I opted for his services and I was satisfied with the positive result.
It was a pleasure to be attended by attorney Mark Martin. I was successful in my cause, being well advised and with total transparency. I definitely recommend it!
Walter Hahn Junior
I want to thank the lawyers at Martin & Oliveira for their excellent work. Thank you!
H. Miguel
I would like to congratulate Dr. Mark David, Dr. Alexandra and their entire team for the quality of the service provided. Agile, honest and caring.


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