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Dedicated lawyer, with over 10 years of experience in complex matters of International Law. Mark Martin entered a top law school in Brazil with the highest score on the law school entrance exam in the school’s history. Mark served as the President of the International Law Commission for the Bar Association of Minas Gerais from 2019 to 2021, is very active in the Courts, the Media, and Schools, and has received national and international recognition for his expertise in the field of International Law.

Over a Decade Delivering Excellence
Mark Martin and his legal team have been delivering exceptional service to clients around the Globe, surpassing their expectations.
Endorsed by the American Embassy in Brazil
High Complexity Matters have been entrusted to Mark Martin and his team because they have a deep and vast International Legal Experience.
We Defend Our Clients
Over 500 clients from the USA, Brazil, Europe and Asia have attested that Mark Martin´s Law Firm has the knowledge and practical experience in International, Civil and Contract Law.